Meet the Founders

"Picture this: It’s 2020 in Dallas, Texas. You’re stuck inside, and the lines between work and home life have all but disappeared.

You hop into a room on Clubhouse, looking for any form of human connection. You’re now in a group with others who share your interest in genealogy. Not only do you meet someone from Chicago researching the same surnames and small towns, but you discover that this person is, in fact, your long-lost cousin. 

While this sounds like the beginning of the latest Netflix dramedy, this was the real-life genesis of kinkofa."

Jourdan Brunson & Tameshia Rudd-Ridge know firsthand just how difficult it can be to discover Black family history, but have also experienced the immense joy of reconnecting with long-lost relatives.

We bonded over our shared research frustrations and ”brick walls,” and later learned through DNA that we’re cousins!

This pushed us toward building a company that transforms the family history discovery experience for Afro-descended people.

Marvel couldn’t script a better origin story. - Greenwood Ave Magazine

kinkofa is the future of genealogy.

At kinkofa, we’re on a mission to bring generations together to uncover, record, and preserve Black family stories with pride and dignity!

We are the only digital family history platform intentionally-designed to reconnect Black families.

We partner with public and private organizations to curate, document and amplify stories of people, places, and movements that are meaningful to Black folx. Ultimately, we aim to help everyone better understand and appreciate the role African Americans have played in shaping history - past, present, and future.

kinkofa (KIN·koh·fah): go get yo' kin. 

We're deeply inspired by the ancient Adinkra proverb 'sankofa' of the Akan peoples who reside in present-day Ghana and Ivory Coast. 'Sankofa' encourages us to "look back at it" to learn from our history and heritage in order to move forward.