Give your oral history interviews a home!

Rememory helps you capture, record, and manage family stories all in one place!

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  • Record in person or remotely

    With just a few button clicks, you can easily record directly from your phone, tablet, or laptop!

    Your special guests can join in remotely or join you in-person.


    Skip the awkward small talk

    Looking for guidance and inspiration along the way? We got you!

    Our conversation starters developed by expert family historians help spark meaningful conversations that are designed to help you get to know loved ones better.

  • Share instantly and securely. Or, keep it private.

    Our secure platform lets you share recordings quickly and easily. Invite loved ones to listen to a recording or keep it private - the choice is yours.

  • Your data ain't for sale

    We never sell your recordings or data to third parties. Your account is protected with the best security in the game.

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