Help fill in gaps in family trees!

Over two centuries, chattel slavery separated & displaced Black families. Kinkofa is now helping millions of folx find long-lost relatives and fill in the gaps in their family trees.

That's why we've partnered with the teams at Participant and Higher Ground to help viewers of 'DESCENDANT' learn more about their family and community histories. Below find ways YOU can support and take part in our mission!

History books left this part of the story out...

In the years following the U.S. Civil War, newly-emancipated people began the arduous search for loved ones they had been separated from during enslavement.

Many sought the help of the Freedmen’s Bureau and took out advertisements in newspapers across the country inquiring about the whereabouts of loved ones. Unfortunately, the reunions were few and descendants of formerly enslaved people are STILL searching.

Today’s technological advances present us with the unique opportunity to pick up where formerly enslaved people left off in their search. 

Everyday people like YOU can help families connect with long-lost relatives and discover their descendant stories.

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How to support the mission:

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    The unique information in your DNA holds the key to unlocking family history discoveries for millions of people.

    We welcome people of ALL backgrounds who've taken an autosomal DNA test with 23&Me, MyHeritage, and AncestryDNA to upload their DNA data files to kinkofa’s secure database.

    As the database grows, we’ll use this information to match and connect long-lost relatives to each other.

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    Say bye to lost recordings & the I-wish-I-wouldas! Rememory helps you preserve family stories today - for generations to come.

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    Organizations and projects dedicated to preserving Black history are chronically underfunded. 

    Donations help us preserve and digitize documents, provide DNA kits to communities, and share more descendant stories with the world!

    The suggested donation is $18.65, however any amount will make an impact!

    Kinkofa preservetheculturefund
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    Watch 'DESCENDANT' & Support Africatown!

    Join descendants and community leaders in preserving Africatown’s story and fighting for its future!

    Community-led organizations in Africatown are working tirelessly to preserve and document the legacy of their ancestors while combating environmental issues threatening the community.

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Stay kin-nected with us!

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