Help kinkofa #PreserveTheCulture!

Organizations and projects dedicated to preserving Black history are chronically underfunded.

Your generous support helps us:

- digitize and make accessible records, photos, and other content that chronicles the African American experience

- document, preserve, and create content that tells the undertold and little-known stories in Black history

- conduct descendant research projects on and in historically Black communities, cemeteries, and organizations


Looking to make a difference with your charitable donations and philanthropic funding? Look no further.

At kinkofa, we’re on a mission to bring generations together to uncover, record, and preserve Black family stories with pride and dignity.

We partner with public and private organizations to curate, document and amplify stories of people and places that are meaningful to Black folx and Black history. Ultimately, we aim to help everyone better understand the role African Americans have played in shaping our history - past, present, and future.

YOU can help us make this vision a reality. Below find three ways you can channel your philanthropic giving to support kinkofa's mission:

1. Grow your impact!

Recommend a grant from your donor-advised fund to kinkofa.

Your support not only helps us grow and scale the kinkofa platform but also creates lasting change. By providing resources and tools for families to uncover, record, and preserve their unique stories, we help folx unlock a greater connection to their roots and each other.

We believe this sense of connection has the power to foster a deeper sense of belonging across generations and pride in our collective heritage—ultimately leading to increased wellbeing and JOY.

2. Become an executive producer!

Storytelling has always been a powerful tool for social change, and when it comes to preserving Black history, it's more important than ever!

By funding the production of our storytelling projects and social impact films, you'll not only support our mission but also receive producer credit for your contribution.

Your generosity will help us create compelling narratives that amplify hidden and undertold histories for audiences of all ages.

3. Sponsor a #PreserveTheCulture activation!

Looking to make a direct impact in communities? Sponsor a kinkofa #PreserveTheCulture activation.

Our interactive live and virtual #PreserveTheCulture events, allow us to bring the kinkofa team's expertise in genealogy, family history, memory work, and cultural preservation directly to communities.

Through these events, communities gain resources and hands-on support on:

- digitizing cherished family artifacts

- preserving family stories

- estate planning

- descendant research

- safeguarding the sites and stories meaningful to Black history such as historic Black cemeteries, Freedman's Towns/Freedom Colonies, and much more.

Ready to make a difference?

Your generosity fuels our efforts to deepen our collective understanding of Black history while empowering families to preserve their own stories.

With your help, we'll continue to shine a spotlight on overlooked narratives, celebrate unsung heroes, and create a more inclusive narrative of our history. Join us in ensuring that every story, big or small, is cherished and celebrated for generations to come.

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